PyCrash 0.4pre3 is released with many bug-fixes!

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PyCrash 0.2.1 is released with a new distribution licence: LGPL

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The first version of PyCrash Viewer is released.

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The latest (unstable) version of PyCrash is PyCrash-0.4-pre3 and can be downloaded here.

Version 0.4pre3 introduces these changes:

  • Some bug-fixes

Version 0.4pre2 introduces these changes:

  • Added forceDump() method to the PyCrash class to force creation of the crash dump
  • Starting from this release the enable() method must be called to starting the exception tracing
  • Added new which allows to generate crash dump in HTML format
  • Added script which converts PyCrash crash dump files in HTML format

Version 0.4pre1 introduces these changes:

  • Now new-style classes are handled correctly
  • Added onExceptionRaised() method to PyCrash class, which notify when and how many times an uncaught exception is raised
  • Now all PyCrash classes inherit from object
  • Added new module, that contains the EncryptedPyCrash class. This class allows to devolepers to automatically encrypt crash dumps using RSA algorithm, in order to protect sensible data
  • Added two scripts: and that allow user to generate public/private key pair and decrypt file generated by EncryptedPyCrash class

The latest stable version of PyCrash is PyCrash-0.2.1 and can be downloaded here

Version 0.2.1 introduces these changes:

  • Change to the licence: now PyCrash is distributed under the LGPL software licence

Version 0.2 introduces these changes:

  • Some important bug-fixes

PyCrash currently has been tested only under Linux, but it should work on all UNIX flavours, and it requires Python 2.3 or higher. You'll find a test program in the source tarball which shows you how integrate PyCrash in your applications.

The latest version of PyCrashViewer is PyCrashViewer-0.2-alpha1 and can be downloaded here

Version 0.2-alpha1 of PyCrashViewer requires:

If you run into difficulties in compiling GtkScintilla, take a look to this page where I wrote some tips.

For further information, please refer to PyCrash Project Page.

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