PyCrash 0.4pre3 is released with many bug-fixes!

See Download section for further information.

PyCrash 0.2.1 is released with a new distribution licence: LGPL

See Download section for further information.

The first version of PyCrash Viewer is released.

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PyCrash Viewer is a GUI browser, based on Gtk+2 graphical toolkit, which allows developers to analyze PyCrash crash dump files in a graphical manner. It's possible to look through the stack frames, select each stack frame and analyze all variable values.

PyCrash Viewer also provides a source editor that shows the source files and automatically selects lines when the developer inspects stack frames using the Stack Viewer widget.

You can see here a screenshot of the main window of PyCrashViewer.

Actually, PyCrash Viewer is still in alpha version, and it doesn't provide any installation script. So you must download it, unpack the tarball and launch it from the main source directory running the file name ""

To download the latest version of PyCrash Viewer, go to Download section of this web site.

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