PyCrash 0.4pre3 is released with many bug-fixes!

See Download section for further information.

PyCrash 0.2.1 is released with a new distribution licence: LGPL

See Download section for further information.

The first version of PyCrash Viewer is released.

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The follow is a simple script with a very stupid error:

1:  from pycrash import *
3:  class MyCrash(PyCrash):
4:     def onExit(self):
5:        self.saveToFile("./example.pycrash")
7:  def error_func(a): #Ok, you're right: it's a very dummy routine!
8:     aVar = 5/a
9:     return aVar
11: if __name__ == '__main__':
12:    p = MyCrash({'AppName': 'Example', 'Version':'0.1', 'SendTo': 'Mr. Example '})
13:    error_func(0)

Click here to see the crash dump generated by PyCrash.

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